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I am a…


This summer, I finished an English, Creative Writing degree at the University of Colorado Boulder and acquired a publishing certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute at University of Denver.

I’d like to highlight my work during undergrad as an editorial acquisitions intern at Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, which gave me an in-depth knowledge of the physical, financial, and marketing lifecycle of books. Collaborating with journalists, authors, and professors solidified my abilities to interact professionally and efficiently with others. In addition, I have interned for the Pop Culture Classroom, where I organized Denver Pop Culture Con, proofread graphic novel blog posts, and worked alongside high-priority clients such as Raina Telgemeier. Finally, at CU Boulder, I’ve worked as a data science/literary analysis learning assistant and as a prose editor for CU’s creative arts journal, Walkabout. Three summers ago, I worked at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where I received official Disney Cash and Hospitality training underlined by efficiency, safety, appearance, and courtesy. 

Lastly, I was recently elected as the president of Literary Buffs, CU Boulder’s literature club, and as the president of the Boulder chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the Honors English Society. I am also help run the Phi Beta Kappa book club!

Currently, I adore working at Barnes and Noble in Boulder, playing Magic the Gathering arena, and going to the Renaissance Festival every chance that I get!


Simply put…

Books read: once a week

Fandoms: not limited

Bookshelves: three in total, all color-coded


While I was raised alongside Harry Potter, Legolas, and Captain Jack Sparrow, I also grew up with my own original characters. Drawing mermaids in Calculus gave me a sharp imagination, writing code-poetry in Computer Science gave me a better vocabulary, and sneaking glances at novels during Biology gave me a quick eye for imagery.

Dreaming gifted me Amaris.

…plus a 500 page file I’ve been re-editing for three years now – a novel shaped by 20 years of imagining and adventures. Working at Walt Disney World, escaping to Santorini and Ephesus, and playing make-believe with my sister are each preserved in my manuscript, Amaris, After Dark. If you’d like to read more about Amaris, the link/image below will take you to my query letter. 

Query Letter

Thanks for reading this little excerpt into my personal life. If you would like to view more information about my work experience, view writing samples, or contact me, I’ll redirect you to my home page.

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Writing Profile


To view a sample of my work, click the image to visit the 805 Lit and Art Journal website. There, you can read The Tear Market, my first published fiction short story.

The Tear Market has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for The Best American Short Stories by the 805 Lit+Art Journal!

Poetry: Click here to visit my poetry page.

Blog Posts: Click the images to be redirected to PopCultureClassroom.org.

Manuscript Query Letter:

Lastly, click the starry image below to visit my Query Letter page, featuring the query of my debut manuscript, Amaris, After Dark.

Query Letter


Attached is my official resume.


If you’d like to download my resume, click here to open the PDF.


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