Query Letter

Query Letter for Amaris, After Dark:

Dear reader,

I am seeking representation for my 155,000 word manuscript, Amaris, After Dark, a brutal retelling where Persephone doesn’t go to the Underworld to marry Hades, but rather to steal his throne.

On the tropical, southern end of an island continent, a winged Valkyrie, Amaris, is forced to fly into a hurricane, then barely survives being captured by pirates, not knowing she is about to discover a dawn-shattering power within.

Northwards, a shifter-king with the ability to change his appearance, Atrien, is stripped of his crown and night-clad city.

Both desperate for revenge, Atrien and Amaris collide on the sea, and they soon discover that the game responsible for Amaris’s pirate kidnapping and Atrien’s dethroning, the Theset, has commenced once more. The winner’s prize: receiving the very crown that Atrien lost.

After surviving near-drownings and ship-killing storms, Amaris and Atrien ally together and sail North, both desperate to outsmart the other and win the treacherous Theset. As Amaris battles for queendom, she soon unravels secrets belonging to her dark past, surmising Atrien wasn’t who she was previously held to believe. As Atrien tries to regain his lost throne, he finds that he is little more than a pawn held captive by his unraveling country, corrupt schemes, and the light brewing inside Amaris. 

This is a tale where a fallen goddess finds rebirth, a Northern ruler is crowned, betrayal is certain, and two countries clash together in a war that may very well cost Amaris her wings…or someone she learns to value even more than the ability of flight. 

I am currently studying Creative Writing, Computer Science, and Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, and one of my published works, The Tear Market, has been recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for the Greatest American Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology. Due to your website’s description, I think you will enjoy my retelling due to its enthralling plot-twists and devastating romance. I’ve attached my first three chapters, and my completed manuscript is available at your request. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Madison Greenly